Types of Speed Traps

A collection of all speed trap types and technics used around the world to measure your speed: radar, laser, section control and more. Learn how these devices work and how you can protect yourself against them - with useful tipps & tricks.

Speed Trap Protection

Overview of the most popular types of radar detectors and laser jammers to protect yourself and your car effectively against getting tickets: What the are capable of, how they are installed and what the different types of devices cost.

How A Police Laser Works

The basics of how a speed gun or police laser works and how a laser jammer is able to protect you and your car effectively from getting a speeding ticket. Learn everything you need to know about this topic.


All the questions around the topics of speed traps, radar detectors and laser jammers: Wich types of speed traps are used? Are radar detectors and laser jammers allowed? How can I escape getting a ticket? Are speed trap warnings on facebook allowed?